To whom it may concern (why I’ve been inactive)

At the beginning of this year when I created this page my goal by the end of this year was to have five chapters of Celia Morto and five chapters of Judgement Skull. As of now there are only three chapters of Judgement Skull and two chapters of Celia Morto and I haven’t made any posts in a last few months. So what happened? Well basically life. As you may have seen in an earlier post my parents are both disable and need help. My mother has late stages Alzheimer’s and my father has Parkinson’s and in August their live in caretaker quit. So since then I have been having to spend four days out of the week with them, taking care of my mother, and doing chores. I have also been helping them out financially by driving for Lyft. This doesn’t leave me much free time to work on my writing. I don’t mind so much. Love my parents, I am forever in their debt for raising me so well and I will do anything for them. This however doesn’t slow me down on pursuing my dream of being a professional writer. For example August I entered the Top Cow Talent hunt for the fifth year in the row. I was able to send off one entry barely under the deadline so fingers crossed that wins. Despite these obstacles I am still working on Celia Morto and Judgement Skull. I have already started on chapter three of Celia Morto and hope to have it done by November and also have another chapter of Judgement Skull by the end of the year. Also next month I will be receiving feed back on my Top Cow talent hunt script so I will have to pause my projects to work on rewriting that. So yeah, that’s what’s been happening with me. I am still working towards my dreams even though the future in uncertain and there are a hundred of other more important responsibilities to tend to first, I will never give up on my dreams. I will forever be a writer.

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