Please help me take care of my disable parents

Please donate to the gofundme account for my parents

Hello my name is CJ Kral and I need help taking care of my two disable parents. My mother Kitty Kral is 60 years old and she has had Alzheimer’s for the last eight years. It has developed to the point that she barely do anything on her own. She can’t even eat or go to the bathroom on her own. My father George Kral is sixty-six years old and he has Parkinson’s. He has to take 9 pills a day and is considering having deep brain stimulation surgery. The have fallen on some hard times financially. And they need help they currently have an in home caretaker that helps out a lot, But my dad can barely afford to pay her. They have a lot of stairs in the house and my mom has a hard time going up and down the stairs. They are going to need a stair lift. They recently bought a hospital bed which was much needed.
But expenses are piling up and bills are piling up, and they cannot support themselves. I would like to keep my parents in their home and out of a nursing home or even off the streets. Please donate so that I can support my parents. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. You can donate by clicking on the link above. If you cannot donate then at least share this video in hopes that other donors could see it.
Since this is going to be an ongoing campaign and they will need financial aid for the unforeseeable future, I have set the goal for $10,000. That is a lot, but they need it for things like, paying off bills, installing a stairlift, installing a new shower that is easier for my mother to get in and out of, and the other expenses that my occur.

Thank you

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