Judgement Skull Ch. 2

Punisher War Journal 2.0/ Entry 89/ October 15th, 2099

Back when I was a Public Eye police officer we took pride in our work. We did our best to improve ourselves. Whenever we had free time we would practice our shooting or martial arts. If we didn’t have the resources to do so at the time we would exorcise, simple ones like push-ups, sit ups, or squats. If we were tired, we would do puzzles or brain teasers to keep our minds sharp. We were beat cops always on portal. We had to respond to a threat in a moment’s notice and not underestimate the enemy. We had to be quick and efficient taking out the scum as fast as possible, we were the swift hand of justice.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t have been said for desk cops.  With their computers and telephones, everything they ever need is at their fingertips. They never have to get up from their cushy chairs unless they wanted more overly caffeinated coffee or a frosting covered donut. They don’t do anything to hone their skills. They just sit on their asses, growing soft, fat, and stupid. Sure, they were good at filling out paperwork and stapling things, but when it comes to doing real work and being an actual police officer they failed. All that sugary food, lack of exorcise, and hours of listening to low brow comedy podcasts, lead to their demise.

The night air was warm and smelled like a dead skunk. The noise of yelling and police sirens came from the center of the city. A riot had broken out, but it wasn’t about politics, religion, or civil rights. No just a distraction. As the street cops drove down to the city to contain the riot and protect the stores from looters, none of them noticed the explosion behind them coming from the police station.

When I arrived, they were all dead, lying on the floor with their legs propped up by their chairs. The whole station was silent and littered with dead bodies. They had all been killed quickly and efficiency. You wouldn’t have known if anything had happened if you didn’t look down and seen all the bodies. Poor men and women they didn’t even stand a chance. It was a damn shame they were all innocent and some had families. Someone was going to pay for their death. I would see to it.

As silent as it was I could still hear a little bit of noise coming from the back of the station where the armory was. I was very quiet as I peeked around the corner and saw four Cyber-Ninjas, just as I expected. Only the Cyber-Nostra had the guts to pull a heist like this.

I hide behind the bend in the hallway as I silently loaded my antique 2015 .54 magnum Smith and Wesson and .48 caliber Stark-Fujikawa Street Pacifier and charged up my Mean Mule turbo kick boots. After loading the last bullet into the Magnum, I moved the cylinder back into place making a clicking noise. Most people would dismiss that sound for just a random noise, but unfortunately for me the Cyber-Ninjas don’t think like that.

A plasma knife came flying at me. With my cat like reflexes I was able to dodge it at the last second. I didn’t have time to plan, at that moment I had to rely on my instincts. They immediately picked up guns and started firing at me. Luckily, I was wearing my adamantium and vibranium reinforced bullet proof vest, so the bullets bounced right off. I barely even felt them. However, the Cyber-Ninja’s didn’t wear armor allowing the bullets from my Magnum and Street Pacifier to cut right through two of them like butter. One of them came at me with a plasma sword. Moving too fast for me to aim, he leaped high up in the air and flew over me. He wanted to get me where I was most vulnerable and cut my head off from behind. As he swung the blade I blocked it with one of my metal gauntlets. With a gun in both hands, I couldn’t simply punch him so with one swift kick with my turbo boots I knocked him through a wall leaving a perfect outline of his body and killing him. While I was distracted the fourth and final Cyber-Ninja fired his gun at me. The three bullets missed my head by inches. I quickly dived down and grabbed a dead officer off the ground to hold in front of my face. Unlike the others, he was actually a rookie street cop who never had the opportunity to serve his people as a crime fighter, but he served his duty well as human shield. His skull stopped the bullets from hitting me, but I couldn’t see the Cyber-Ninja shooting at me. It was too risky for me to poke my head out so that I could aim at him correctly. However, I could see that there were several concision Grenazers mounted on the wall nearby him. I shot at them causing the Grenazers to go off rendering him unconscious. I am glad that I was able to capture him, for tonight the Punisher Hotel will have a new guest.

–                              –                              –


As soon as the door opened to the makeshift prison the inmates started banging on the glass walls of their cells. Although some couldn’t due to restraints or lack of strength from prolonged torture or starvation. It was a small underground prison, but secure. It held prisoners of all sizes, men and women, murders, rapists, cult leaders, and some that were not even human. Some could roam around in their cells, some were restrained chained to the walls, and some where attached to excessive torture machines. This was no ordinary prison, it was the punishment hotel.

Jake Gallows the former police officer turned vigilante inspired by The Punisher. entered through the large double doors dragging the unconscious body of the Cyber-Ninja behind him. With a loud thunk the blast proof doors closed behind him. The wheels turned and the locking bolts were set into place. The place was more locked up then Fort Knox.

Dragging the motionless body, he approached an empty glass cell. After opening it he threw the new prisoner in, he turned around and walked down the hall of glass cells. Most of the inmates yelled and cursed at him, but he paid them no attention. However, there was one inmate that averted his gaze and did his best not to call attention to himself. Jake Gallows stopped in front of his cell.

“Hey, Jeremy Brady, how are you doing today?” He said as if to start small talk.

“I’m fine… fine. I’m doing good.” He continues to not meet Jake’s gaze and nervously shifted his stance, wanting to run to the back of his cell, but too afraid to do so.

“What day is today? I seem to be blanking,” asked Punisher 2099.

“I, um I don’t know. Tuesday, I think.”

“Are you sure, because I was thinking it was Wednesday.”

“No, no, you’re mistaken its Tuesday. It is so definitely Tuesday. Just a normal ordinary Tuesday. Nothing special about today.”

“No, today is special. It’s Wednesday, October 15th. Remember it well, for it is the date that is going to be chiseled into your grave stone.”

Punisher 2099 pressed a button on the wall nearby causing the glass divider to slide up and open the cell.

“Ah! Please! No! Don’t! Have Mercy!” frantically stumbling over himself Jeremy ran to the back of his cell like a cornered animal.

“Mercy? Did you show mercy to the young children that you kidnapped and beat?” Looming over the cowering prisoner with a large dark shadow, Punisher 2099 took out a pair of hand cuffs. “If you call beating a defenseless child to death with your bare hands mercy. Then yes, I shall show you mercy. A whole fuck ton of mercy.”

As sweat collected on his forehead, Jeremy pressed his back up against the wall and held his hands out in front of him. Punisher 2099 grabbed his right wrist and slapped on end of the handcuffs on. Overcome by fear Jeremy struggled to get away. He kept his left hand as far away as possible and wiggled his left arm in a futile attempt to break free of Punisher 2099’s grasp. This only enraged him as he took out his heavy club. First, he knocked him across his jaw knocking out a couple of teeth. After he twisted his head from the blow the next blow struck him on the back of the head where the spine met the skull. The club was not much more than a lead pipe with a carbon fiber coating, but each hit felt like a wrecking ball. The next strike came to the middle of the top of the skull. Everything went black for a second. Slowly vision came back with blurry shapes, then doubles of everything. Only to be taken away with the next blow, and the next one. Repeatedly the private prison warren Jake Gallows bludgeoned the inmate with the club. The majority blows landed on the top of the head leaving a gaping gash, but a few missed and hit his shoulder blades. Jeremy struggled to remain crouching as blood poured from the top of his head and down into his eyes; Holding himself up with one arm while the other was held by The Punisher 2099. After fifty-seven blows he let himself go limp and the beating stopped.

Walking out of the cell Punisher 2099 dragged Jeremy out of the cell by his wrist. He didn’t bother to attach the other end of the hand cuff to the other wrist, he just held on to the chain and pulled him along the floor leaving a smeared streak of blood behind. As he walked down the hallway the inmates remained quiet and turned away to look at the blank walls of their cells. For they knew that soon they too would be dragged down the floor to their inevitable demise.

“Jeremy Brady of Mega New York City, you have been charged with kidnap of seventy-two children under the age of thirteen and forcing them into sweat shops.” Punisher 2099 faced forward as he walked down the hall. He didn’t stop to check if his inmate was paying attention. As he walked past the cells he entered a hallway with names chiseled on the wall with birthdates and deathdates. On one space of the wall read the name Jeremy Brady with the date May 1st 2045 and dash and blank that will soon be filled today’s date. “You stripped them naked and forced them to work in harsh conditions with sharp objects and hazardous chemicals in you weapon factory. You drugged them, deprived them of sleep and food, and if they refused to work, you’d beat them. Sometimes you killed them if they were unable to work.”

Finally, the hallway ended, Jeremy would no longer be dragged or beaten for he was about to meet the Death Chair. Punisher 2099 lift him up by his neck and sat him down in the chair. Leaning in with his face close to Jeremy’s blood covered face, he asked, “How do you plead to these charges?”

“Guilty,” He replied.

“Really? So, you know what you did? You understand what you had done to those children. Even though you too had once been in their place. Sure, times were different when you were a kid, but you suffered from the same pain they did. Yet you showed no mercy as you beated them and forced them into labor. Why did you do it?”

“I didn’t know that there was any other way. I was only following orders from the mob in order to stay alive. The gun factory was all I knew.”

“Bull shit, you had a choice. You could have made a difference, but you chose the path of evil. That path has only one end and that is the death chair.”

“No, no, no!” He screamed and thrashed around. He swung his arms wildly and was able to break loose of Punisher 2099’s grasp. Once he was free he ran as fast as his legs could carry him down the hallway, past the grave stones and the glass cells. Unfortunately, his attempt to escape was futile as he ran head first into an unmovable body. He was knocked back and fell back onto the floor.

As he looked up and saw what he ran into, he thought he was hallucinating. “Impossible, it can’t be you! No!”

Crawling backwards on his back he looked up at the large figure wearing a black t-shirt with a large white skull on it. He was unable to believe his frighten eyes, but his eyes were not deceiving him. He was looking up at the man who he feared, The Punisher. Behind him stood two other figures, but they did not seem threatening. The Punisher walked forward, Jeremy crawled backwards until he reached another unmovable figure behind him as his head hit the boot of Jake Gallows the Punisher of 2099. Cornered by the two punishers there was no escape.

“No, no I don’t believe it!” Jeremy was scared shitless.

“Believe it or not, you’re still going to die,” The Punisher pulled out a magnum revolver and shot him in the head.

As the blood settled on the floor, Maylene stepped out from The Punisher and stood between the two of them.

“Wait hold on, who it this?” She said gesturing towards Jake Gallows. “He looks just like you.”

“He’s The Punisher,” The Punisher gave her a matter of fact answer, but she was still confused.

“What? No, you’re The Punisher.”

“He’s right, I am The Punisher,” said Jake. “Or at least I’m currently The Punisher of this time line. I presume that you’re The Punisher of late 20th century and early 21st century, the original, Frank Castle. It is nice to meet you.”

“So, wait? We are really in the future and there are now two of you?” She’s still as confused as before.

Microchip took out his wallet and handed some money to Maylene and said, “Don’t worry about it, here go out and get us some coffee. So, that we may better get acquainted and formalize our plans.”

“Sigh, why not, but I’m only doing this so that I could get some fresh air to clear my mind. I assume that Neo-Punisher here takes his coffee the same as antique Punisher. When I get back we are going to have a long conversation about what my tasks are and what it entails for me to be your personal assistant.” She took the money and walked to the door.

“Intern,” Microchip corrected her.

“Yeah, yeah, intern. Still fuck you.”

Punisher 2099 watched Maylene leave, then walked to large vault like doors at the entrance of the basement prison to examine them.

“You appear as you did in the latter half of the ‘10s and these doors are made of five thousand pounds of vibranium with the most intricate and advance locking mechanism. How did you get to here?”

“We are from New York, the same New York of Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, and Amadeus Cho. There is a time machine on every corner,” answered Microchip. “As for your little door, I am the world’s greatest computer hacker. There is no security system that I can’t open, old or new.”

“Oh right, I should have known you’re Microchip. I’ve read a lot about you. Although how do you know about me?”

“Your reputation precedes you,” replied The Punisher. “When we first arrived here a few of the thugs that we interrogated had mistaken me for you. Which lead me to realize that I had legacy. Then we basically had to figure out which house in town had basement big enough to be rebuilt into a miniature super max prison.”

“Enough with questions, you know enough about us, but we have few questions of our own,” said Microchip as he took a back pack off his shoulders. From it he took out a large high tech rifle with bright blue glowing muzzle and three gages around the trigger. He presented it to Punisher 2099 so that he could better examine it, and asked, “What can you tell us about this gun?”

Punisher 2099 leader over and looked down on the gun. After looking at it for two seconds he said, “Do you mean this gun model in general or this gun specifically?”

“Both if possible,” answered Microchip.

“Well it is a Stark brand AX-17 full automatic plasma rifle. They are common on the streets. I don’t see anything that makes this gun particularly unique. However, I could take the serial number and run it through the gun registry database.”

“That will not be necessary. This gun was stolen and sold in the year 2017.”

“I see, so you need me to help you find out who is smuggling firearms through time.”


“Sounds like the work of Cyber-Nostra. Despite my efforts, I still haven’t discovered their headquarters. However, I’m sure with your assistance we could beat enough thugs to find it.”

  • –                                              –

Maylene entered the Punishment Hotel holding a tray four Styrofoam cups on it. Three of them where black coffee with no cream or sweeter. The fourth was a pumpkin spice latte. As she walked past the doors and down the stairs, she looked around feeling confused. She was expected to be welcomed by two Punishers, but instead only saw Microchip.

He grabbed the pumpkin spice latte and took a long sip, “Ugh, winter is not long enough.”

“Hold on, where are the skull twins?”

“Huh, oh you mean The Punishers? They’re off on one of those crossover team-up thingies. Get comfortable these things can take a while.”

“What?!” Feeling immediate anger and excitement, she turned around to quickly run out of the basement, but instead stumbled over the dead body of the recently punished inmate and spilled the three coffees.

“What is this body still doing here?” She asked.

“Well it appears that somebody hasn’t clean it up yet,” he looked up from his latte and stared right into her eyes without blink until she responded.

“What? But this isn’t what I signed up for! You said that I’ll be helping The Punisher first hand out on the streets.” She furrowed her brow and clenched her hands into fists, but didn’t dare raise them.

Remaining calm, Microchip raised a little remote control and pressed a button on it. Maylene turned her head to watch the vault doors close and felt betrayed.

“I’m not going to let you ditch me again,” he said. “Now clean up the body or you won’t get your college credits.” He walk away down the hall towards the vault doors.

“If you’re not going to let me leave, then how am I going to dump this body behind a dumpster?” She shouted at him. She hated doing the work, but was desperate to earn her degree that she didn’t dare refuse the work.

“There’s a furnace down the hall on the left,” he shouted back. “The door is small so you are going to have to chop him into smaller pieces. Be careful not to splatter blood, it’ll only make you job harder.”

“Hey, you know I saved The Punisher’s life last week!”

“No, you didn’t. You almost killed him by making choke on his own vomit. Now clean up that damn body before I do the same. The smell of a rotting corpse and cheap American coffee is not a good combination.”

–                                              –                                              –

After riding for five miles, Punisher 2099 stopped his motorcycle out in front of a rundown bar with a large neon sign.

“Cyber Noir?” The Punisher read the sign.

“Cyber-Nostra thugs like to hang out here,” Punisher 2099 answered. “I caught a few of them robbing a police armory earlier tonight. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but this would be a good place to start.”

The bar was full of riffraff, thugs, and scumbags. They were shooting pool, chugging bears, and bosting stories that never happened, but at as soon as The Punishers entered they all stopped and gawked them. The shock of seeing two Punishers was enough to render the toughest drunk catatonic. The only one left unfazed was the bartender who proceeded to pick up the beer bottles, glasses, pitchers, and shot glasses off the counter.  It didn’t matter if the glasses were empty or full, the bartender took them and hid all glass items under the counter.

Punisher 2099 looked around the bar scanning each patron. Like an oscillating jet engine, The Punisher 2099’s gaze caused everyone to flinch as soon as he looked at them.

The tension in the bar was reaching a fever pitch. As Punisher 2099 held up a pistol fired it straight up into the air as a warning shot, everyone turned and gave him their undivided attention. “Okay the more you all cooperate; the quicker I will be out of here. I want everyone here that is a member of Cyber-Nostra to line up in single file line right here in front of me so that I may interrogate each of you one by one.”

“Nice try,” feeling doubtful The Punisher leaned in and whispered into Punisher 2099’s ear, but he too became quite as he witnessed several of the patrons slowly stand up from their stools and lined up in front of Punisher 2099. He put his gun back in its holster, yet they didn’t make any noise or sudden movements except they nervously shook like frighten puppy dogs. Just as he requested they lined up, six in all each one was more scared then the first.

“This is a Shocktronic 5999,” Punisher 2099 held up a large rod that glowed green. “This is what scientists use to sedate mutant maneating gorillas.  One hit of this will send 90,000 volts through your body, causing you lose control of your muscles, melt your skin, and render you permanently incontinent. I am going to use this to interrogate each one you until I get my answers.”

He gestured with his free hand towards The Punisher. “I would like to introduce to my predecessor. He is to hear your answers and assist me if necessary. What he would like to know is who has been smuggling stolen guns back in time to the year 2017.”

“Actually, I know who,” the man at the back of the line spoke up.

“Don’t speak out of time!” Punisher 2099 ordered. “You will get you turn to be tortured.”

He grabbed the first man in line by his collar and charged up the Shocktronic within inches of his face, “Now what do you know about guns that were stolen from the police station earlier tonight?”

“I don’t know anything,” the thug was already peeing his pants. “I’m just a new recruit. They don’t tell me anything. You should ask the guy at the end of the line. He knows everything.”

“Don’t you lie to me, scumbag!” Punisher 2099 proceed to repeatedly beat the man over the head with the Shocktronic. The glowing rod did everything that it was promised to do.

–                                              –                                              –

As Maylene walked back from the furnace she passed an office with a desk lamp left on. At first the room seemed unassuming, but something caught her eye and she walked back and peeked inside. As it turned out, her eyes had not deceived her. What she thought she saw the first time had turned out to be correct. Inside the office mounted to the wall in a golden frame was The Punisher’s t-shirt. The skull logo was faded, splatters of blood stained the fabric, and multiple rips tattered the bottom, but it was unmistakably the same t-shirt that was worn by The Punisher from her time, Frank Castle. She was shocked to see it, but at the same time it made sense to her that this time line’s Punisher would have it.

Looking around the room she saw other familiar objects such as a bulletin board with several photos on, a couple antique shotguns, a filing cabinet and a large desk. On top of which laid a journal lit by the desk lamp. Walking deeper into the room Maylene couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched despite not seeing any sign of security cameras anywhere. As she reached the desk she picked up the journal. The book looked old and worn as if it could fall apart in her hands. She was careful as she turned the brittle yellow pages. Turning to a random page she began to read:

“June 5th 1992: I was tracking down the four heiresses of the Francostar corporation that where secretly drug dealers. They thought they could escape me by blasting off into space in their own personal space shuttle, but I was about to sneak on in disguise. Once on their space station, they quickly discovered my identity, but it didn’t matter as I was able to easily kill their leader by setting him on fire and exploding the entire satellite.”

She flipped through the hundreds of pages and read another excerpt:

“December 12th 2009: After tracking down Wolerine’s son Draken in the sewers. We fiercely fought one on one. He eventually got the upper hand and chopped off my arms and head. Luckily, I was discovered by a vampire named Mordius, he reconstructed my body making me into a Frankenstein like monster and brought me back to life with a Bloodstone.”

She could not believe what she was holding in her hands. It was The Punisher’s war journal. His personal record of his exploits. Every murder he has ever committed, every underground criminal empire that he has taken down and more. It was all written down on these pages. She even saw her own name as she turned to January 17th of 2017 she read about how he took out the silly blood drug factory and spared the life of Slap Stick. However, it neglected to give her credit for assisting him. Instead he had written that he was able to overcome the drugs with his own strong willpower. He only mentioned her as an innocent bystander that he had to protect.

“Hey, what are you doing in here?” She heard the voice of Microchip behind her. Startled she quickly spun around and hid the journal behind her back.

“Nothing, I uh, noticed this light on in here and only came in to turn off.” She discretely tucked the journal into the waist band of her pants. Then turned off the desk lamp. “See don’t want to waste electricity.”

Awkwardly she tried to smile to not seem conspicuous.

“Well come now. I don’t want you to be snooping around in other people’s private belongings,” Microchip lead her out of the room back into the hallway.

–                                              –                                              –

Three hours had past, blood was splattered all over the bar’s floor, five nearly dead men were lying unconscious. They had all told The Punishers nothing. Now there was only one remaining. He was on his knees begging for mercy with his hands shaking over his head, and tears streaming down his face

Punisher 2099 approached him tapping the Shocktonic 5999 on the palm of his hand. “Well, well, well, looks like you’re the last one. All of your friends didn’t play nicely and I had to beat their faces to a bloody pulp. How about you? Are you going play nicely or are you going to end up unconscious in a puddle of your own vomit?”

“I’ll play, I’ll play!” the cowering man begged. “I don’t know much, but I know where they are storing the guns that are being smuggled through time.”

“Don’t lie to me you little fucking pig!” Punisher 2099 raised his shocktonic ready to slam it down on the man’s skull. He tensed the muscles in his face and braced for the beating, but before Punisher 2099 could bring down the club, The Punisher stepped in and grabbed him by his wrist.

“Stop, let him talk,” The Punisher advised.

“No, it’s too soon. There is no way that I would believe what he says.” Punisher 2099 turned to The Punisher and sneered. “I must break his skull and make him bleed before he tells the truth.”

“You’re being overly aggressive, it can cost us information,” He turned to the cowering thug. “Tell us where are the guns?”

The man didn’t dare look up. He kept his head down as he spoke. “They are hiding them in the basement of the Thor church on 8th and B st. You must believe me. I saw them as I was driving the delivery truck for them.”

“He’s lying, I must beat him senseless!” Punisher 2099 tried to shake his arm loose, but The Punisher tightened his grip.

“You’re wrong. He’s telling the truth,” said The Punisher. “He’s breathing is consistent, and his words are spoken smoothly without any stuttering or long pauses. I know a liar when I hear one and he’s not one.”

“But he’s an accomplice to the crimes, he must be punished.”

“I just drove the truck, I never hurt no body,” the man continued to beg.

“Listen to him, he’s a delivery truck driver trying to make some money. We shouldn’t waste time beating him. We got the information we needed, now let’s go,” The Punisher pulled on Punisher 2099 arm to try to get him to leave.

“But beating?” Punisher 2099 didn’t move and kept his Shocktonic raised.

“Are you guys done beating people yet?” The bartender walked out of the back room with a mop and bucket. “I would like to clean up the floors before I close up.”

Giving up, Punisher 2099 lowered his arm and feeling defeated he said, “Yeah, we’re done.”

The two Punishers turned around and left.

–                                              –                                              –

Punisher 2099 stopped his motorcycle out in front of the Church of Thor. Both him and The Punisher got off the bike and opened the saddle bag compartments revealing a small cache of high powered weaponry. From it Punisher 2099 took out two .48 caliber Stark-Fujikawa Street Pacifiers and The Punisher grabbed a 12-gauge molten steel Hammer Tech shotgun.

“Okay, we don’t know much about this place,” said The Punisher. “So, we need to do some reconnaissance, check for weak spots in the building, watch for who’s coming and going. We need to know as much as possible so that we can plan out our attack.”

He turned his head to look at Punisher 2099, but he was no longer standing next to him.

“Jake?” He was confused as to where his predecessor was.

“Jake? Punisher 2099?” from behind him he heard loud roar. He turned to look as witnessed as Punisher 2099 charge head first towards the front doors of the church. With one powerful kick, he knocked down the doors and proceed to fire his guns wildly inside.

“Oh, fuck no!” angered The Punisher ran in after him.

As soon as he reached the door he was startled by a thug with a pistol. With less than a second to spare he fired one shot into his midsection blowing him back though the door. Once inside it was such a chaotic mess that he could barely make out what was going on. The air was full of debris with wood splinters from the pews being blown apart, shards of glass from shattered stained glass, and smoke everywhere. Punisher 2099 was reckless, but efficient. Already there was fifteen bodies on the ground and counting. The thugs in the church looked like regular clergy men in dark cloaks, but they were packing a lot of guns. This must have been the right place or they just massacred a bunch of monks.

For a while Punisher 2099 was holding his own well and didn’t need The Punisher’s help, but once he ran out of ammo he had to hide behind an iron fountain and reload. The Punisher then stepped in and provided cover fire, but unlike Punisher 2099 he didn’t kill with a hail of gun fire, but with one shot one kill. As the gun fire continued some of the monks took cover, but with it being a church almost everything was made from wood. However, along the sides where stone statues of Norse Gods like Bolder, Hela, and Loki. They provided good cover at first, but after a few shots they crumbled to pieces.

“Halt, this has gone on for long enough,” the gun fighting paused and everyone turned their attention to the alter as man walked out of the back room. He was obviously the master mind behind the gun running operation, but he looked less like a crime lord and more like a nineteen sixties British pop singer. With a bowl haircut, round sunglasses, a naro jacket, and a large mechanical looking glove on his right hand, he looked like he was about to sing about free love rather than killing people.

This did nothing to intimidate The Punisher and he stepped out from behind his cover and yelled out, “I don’t care about what you have to say, but if you’re behind all of this then I will kill you!”

“Oh, how amusing, there’s two of you now. If I have to kill the both of you then it’s going to be twice the fun.”

“Fearmaster I should have known that it was you behind this operation,” Jake Gallows also stepped out from the iron fountain and joined The Punisher standing in the isle way. “If there is going to be any killing then it will be by me, killer of killers, The Punisher of 2099. Enjoy the next few seconds of your life, because they will be your last.”

“Of course, it is me, the Fearmaster. Who else did you think I could be? Doctor Octopus. I’m the leader of Cyber-Nostra. We fight all of the time.”

“Shut up, I am through listening your meaningless words. This ends now!” The Punisher threated, as he raised his shotgun, but before he could fire a shot, Fearmaster fired a concussive blast at him with the power glove knocking him into a statue of Thor in the back of the church.

As he hit the statue it crumbled into many pieces, although the metal hammer remained intact as it landed nearby The Punisher. He staggered to stand back up and face the Fearmaster as he walked toward him. Shaking his head to regain his focus he noticed that he was no longer holding the shotgun, for it had slid across the floor to the other side of the church. He was unarmed and defenseless as his opponent approached him.

“Ha ha, pathetic little PUNYsher. I will take pleasure in killing you,” The Fearmaster taunted as he raised his gloved hand. “I shall crush you with my newest invention, The Hela Glove of Glory.”

With nothing to lose, The Punisher made a desperate leap to the Thor hammer. Unfortunately, his attempt was futile for no matter how much muscle he exhorted he was unable to lift the hammer. He had seen the real Thor hammer many times before and could tell that this one was fake, but nonetheless he was still unable to lift it like the real one.

“Oh, that is precious, you’re not even worthy to lift a fake Mjolnir,” Fearmaster bent over and was effortlessly able to lift the mock hammer. “This is one of my most favorite weapons. This hammer has finger print scanner on the handle and a gravity regulator to ensure that only I am worthy to lift it.”

Stunned with no defense The Punisher stood before Fearmaster as he charged the hammer with millions of volts of electricity.

“Fool watch out!” Punisher 2099 yelled as he grabbed and pulled him away at the last second, in a desperate dash they ran off into the priest’s chambers. Behind them a lightning bolt shot out of the hammer exploding the ground.

Once safe in the small room Punisher 2099 informed The Punisher on what was happening, “He was hiding the guns in plain sight. Look around all of the Norse god statues are holding weapons. We can use them to fight back.”

“You’re right, this gives me a plan. Go for the Surtar statue. I’ll go for the Balder statue.”

As the Punishers ran out of the room, several cyber ninjas surrounded them. Just barely dodging shots The Punisher ran across the church and grabbed the lantern from the Balder statue. With a press of button on the handle he created a bright flash of light blinding the Cyber-ninjas and providing a distraction as Punisher 2099 took the sword from the Surtar statue. Swinging the red sword molten lava sprayed the ninjas setting them on fire.

As he regained his sight after the flash, Fearmaster charged up his Thor hammer to its most deadly level before shooting it at the two Punishers. The church was nearly destroyed in the powerful blast. Wood splinters and debris flew everywhere filling the air with dust and smoke.

“Ha ha, none can challenge the Fearmaster! I have the greatest weapons—Wha…?” His jaw dropped as the smoked cleared, and saw the two Punishers still standing in front of him. Suddenly he fell to the ground after being whacked on the back of his head.

The Punisher stood behind him holding a golden staff with a green orb on the end of it. “I’ve met the real Loki and I’m sure that he would be insulted by replica of his staff only be able to create decoys.”

“The real Loki is dead!” Enraged Fearmaster yelled at him, before shooting with a concussion blast from Hela glove. The Punisher was sent flying back into a statue of Lady Sif.

“I’ll kill you!” Punisher 2099 yelled as he jumped up behind him holding Sultur’s sword over his head.

With quick reflexes Fearmaster spun around swinging the Thor Hammer knocking him to the ground. He hit the ground hard breaking a few ribs. He moaned as he spat out blood. The hammer felt like it weights a ton. Struggling to get up onto all fours he was suddenly stunned by an electric blast. Every muscle on his body constricted and his blood felt like it was on fire as thousands of volts surged through his body. Unable to control his movement his legs kicked and his arms swung wildly he seizure.

“Loki’s dead, Thor’s dead, Zeus is dead, all of the Gods are dead, and now only Fearmaster remains!” He gloated as he shocked the hopeless Punisher 2099. His words where cut short as the blade of a sword burst forth from his chest.

“Harrrrkkk!” Fearmaster cried out with mouth full of blood as more blood sprayed from his pierced chest. From behind him The Punisher pushed the sword of Sif through his chest.

“Feel the punishment of the Gods,” said The Punisher as he pulled the sword out. With a large gaping hole in his chest Fearmaster staggered a few steps forward before falling to the floor dead.

Once Punisher 2099 stopped moving his limbs wildly and the shock of the electricity wore off The Punisher offer him a hand and lifted him up so that he could stand.

“You handled yourself pretty well,” The Punisher complimented him. “It’s good to see my legacy being carried out by such good hands.”

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” Punisher 2099 returned the compliment. “It was an honor to fight alongside you.”

As they walked towards the door out they were stopped by a lone Cyber-Ninja holding a small pistol.

“Stop right there, this isn’t over yet,” he said with his whole body shaking as he pulled back the hammer on the gun.

Punisher 2099 made a croaked smile as he turned his head to The Punisher and said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Yes, it looks like we have another guest for the Punishment Hotel.”

The End

Disclaimer: The Punisher (Frank Castle), Punisher 2099 (Jake Gallows), Fearmaster, and Microchip are characters owned by Marvel comics. The Punisher was created by Gerry Conway and John Romita Sr. Jake Gallows and Fearmaster were both created by Pat Mills, Tony Skipper, and Tom Morgan. Microchip was created by Mike Baron and Klaus Janson. I, Christopher Kral, do not claim any ownership of these characters. This is a work of parody and I do not make any profit off of this written work.

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