Comic reviews 2-8-17.


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #17… Meh

Written by Ryan North Art by Erica Henderson Colors by Rico Renzi Letters by Travis Lanham 

Doreen and her friends attend a guest lecture by a mysterious woman named Melissa Morbeck. Afterwords she invites Doreen to her house where she reveals that not only does she knows Doreen’s alternate identity is Squirrel Girl, but she too has powers to talk to animals, not just one species, but all species. She offers to fund her and to upgrade her costume. Although being mysterious as she is Melissa may not be trustworthy and her motivations could be diabolical. This issue is mostly just dialogue with very little action. Apparently a lot of setup is required in order to give Squirrel Girl a new costume. However with a jet pack and wings who can complain. Seeing the new suit in action was well worth reading.

The Wicked + The Divine #26… Yeh!

Written by Kieron Gillen Art by Jamie McKelvie Colors by Matthew Wilson Letters by Clayton Cowles Flats by Dee Cunniffe FAVE OF THE WEEK!!!

Facing death at a new threat of The Great Darkness the Pantheon must come together to create a plan to defeat it. However not everyone agrees to work together. This issue starts of with some intense action as the Gods must defend themselves from the shadow monsters. Matthew Wilson’s colors excel in this issue with vibrant purples and reds and the stark contrast of black. The character’s poses drawn by Jamie Mckelvie are very dynamic making the action look fast paced and energetic. Even after the fighting stops, the comic continues to be exciting with Kieron Gillen’s great writting. The conversation among the Pantheon is filled with high tension and come off as real people. Honestly this maybe the best issue of wic + div yet.

Spawn #270… meh

Written by Todd McFarlane & Tom Leven Art by Szymon Kudranski Inks by Todd McFarlane Colors by FCO Plascencia Letters by Tom Orzechowski

Another dialogue heavy comic as Spawn helps Cyan escape from the mental institution and discover that she has some connection to his powers. Meanwhile Mr. Shade puts the pieces together in order to set up his master plan. As some questions are answered more questions arise and Spawn must contact his old friend Cogliostro for help. There really is not much that happens in this issue it mostly just sets up for events to come. The more that is revealed about Mr. Shade the more intrigued I become and the revelation of Cyan’s condition is a cool plot twist.

Empowered and the Soldier of Love #1… yeh

Written by Adam Warren Art by Karla Diaz Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot

Love is in the air as a pink clad magical girl rolls into town to play cupid to the Super Homies  making them fall for one and other. Everyone is too busy making love to fight crime leaving Empowered and Ninjutsu to contain all of their drama. Empowered is usual only drawn by Adam Warren however with this mini series Karla Diaz takes over art duties with beautiful bright colors and super cute costume designs for the new character Soldier of Love. unfortunately this issue does not include any scenes of bondage and damsel in distress that fans have grown accustom to with Empowered. Also Warren seems to be taking this miniseries in a different direction from superhero satire to commentary on fan culture with excessive shipping and slashfanfic. This issue is strangely off model of most Empowered comics, but is still very entertaining.

Motor Crush#3… Yeh!

Creators Brendon Fletcher Cameron Stewart Babs Tarr Letters by Aditya Bidikar

After having their garage ransacked Team Swift has to compete in the Eshibition trial of the WGP. However Domino is suffering from withdraws as she is trying kick her dependency on Crush. In order to obtain more Crush she enters a late night street race, but the competition maybe more than she could handle. Three issues in and this comic continues to be my new favorite series. This issue was a draw for Fave of the week with the art continuing to be amazing. No one can draw racing like Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart. This issue introduces three new characters that add to story making the cast more engrossing. Each issue has been better than the last with the climax to the first story arc coming to ahead.

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