Comic Reviews 2-1-17

dsc00975The Walking Dead #163… yeh

Written by Robert Kirkman Pencils by Charlie Adlard Inks by Stefano Gaudiano Gray Tones by Cliff Rathburn Letters by Rus Wooton

It’s been four years since the last time I picked up an issue of The Walking Dead and with a price tag of 25 cents how could I pass it up. Even though I enjoyed reading this issue, it also reminded me why I stopped reading it years ago. I usually start these reviews with a summary of the plot, but there is not much to summarize here. A big herd of zombies attack the town and Rick and the gang fights them off. We’ve seen it hundreds of times before. It’s gotten repetitive. Not only that but we also get such greatest hits like Michonne swing a sword, Rick telling people to not shoot guns because of the noise, and of course everyone’s favorite SPOILERS a character dies. It’s been 163 issue and nothing new is happening. With that said this issue is all of those things done best. I understand this issue is meant to be a jumping on point with an almost free price to attract readers that have never read The Walking Dead or have only seen it on TV. So for that purpose it is great comic book. It is definitely a comic book for readers who only know the core concept of the series and reading it from a completely objective stand point as if I was a reader that was reading for the first time I would be hooked and would pick up the next. However having read The Walking Dead I probably will continue to not read it again unless they release another 25 cent issue, because Robert Kirkman has certain writing habits that I find to be annoying. This is just my person taste and should not influence you, but I can’t stand his writing anymore. First off there is Negan, he is pretty much the reason why I left the series. Again this is my own personal opinion, but I find him to be the most repulsive character in all of comic books right now. He is the biggest asshole there is and he gets away with it. Back when Garth Ennis was writing The Punisher Max series, characters that were like Negan appeared all the time, but the great thing about that series was that they were killed at the end of the story arc. Where as with Negan seeing him to still be in one piece makes me mad. The second thing that I stand about Kirkman is that I don’t like how he writes splash pages. What he writes to be drawn as a splash page is sometimes boring and I don’t think is worthy of taking up one or sometimes two full pages. This is not a fault on the artist Charlie Adlard , because I’ve seen this happen in other series like Invincible and Outcast. For example there is a splash page in this issue that is just Rick yelling which features no action and doesn’t add any effect to the story. However there is a nice two page splash in this issue in which the gang stabs zombies that was amazing. Again person opinions. I know it sounds Like I’m giving this issue a bad review, but if you scroll back up you will see that I gave this issue a high rating of yeh and I would recommend you pick up this issue. Sorry for the rant.

Vamperilla #0… eh 

Written by Paul Cornell Art & Colors by Jimmy Broxton Letters by Travis Lanham

Yet another comic that came out this week with 25 cent price tag. I’ll try not to carried away on this review, but I did not like this issue.  Zero issues are basically prologues with nothing happening and for that reason I usually don’t enjoy them. This issue however is not an exemption. In this issue three travelers search for Vamperilla’s grave in hopes of resurrecting her. That is basically all we get. The story is straight forward, the character’s are wooded, and the overall experience of reading this issue was bland. The art wasn’t even that good. Jimmy Broxton is attempting to  create a tone of a pulp sci-fi novel, but is failing. It comes off looking cheesy rather than a respectful homage. The change of tone, style, and story direction is turn in the wrong direction from the previous series that I had enjoyed. In the end I paid 25 cents for this issue and I feel like I got what I paid for.

Paper Girls 11… yeh

Written by Brian K Vaughan Art by Cliff Chiang Colors by Matt Wilson Letters by Jared K. Fletcher Color Flats by Dee Cunniffe

I’ve pretty much have given up on figuring out the main plot of this series and am just hanging on trying to enjoy the ride. From this issue what I can tell is going on is the main characters have been displace in time again, this time it appears to be the stone age. They encounter a primitive woman who isn’t friendly. Then a giant sloth appears and new villain appears. This series is a great nonsensical acid trip and I’m enjoying every panel of it. With beautiful art from Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson and three dimensional and dynamic characters written by Brian K Vaughan. Despite being one of the weirdest comic coming out right now, it is also the best.

Flintstones #8… Yeh

Written by Mark Russell Art by Steve Pugh Colors by Chris Chuckry Letters by Dave Sharpe FAVE OF THE WEEK!!!

I guess I’m a little late to jumping on to Flintstones, but everyone has been hyping up this series and for good reason, it rocks! (pun intended). Although I was expecting it to since I enjoyed Mark Russell’s writing previously on Prez which was also another great series despite being overlooked by many comic book readers. Russell in this issue is juggling three story lines as Wilma makes a trip back to her family’s farm which stirs up some painful memories. Second Pebbles and Bam-bam get an unsolicited crash course on economics at school. And the mayor Clod The Destroyer hires Stony Danza to launch smear campaign against lizard people to convince voters to cancel funding on the children’s hospital so that they can pay for new armor for his dinosaur army. In the end he ties all these plots together into the issue’s overall theme of gender roles. This comic is the perfect satire with the balance of humor and political commentary that makes you laugh and think at the same time. I  never though a comic based on a sixties cartoon would be so relevant.

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