Comics Review 1-27-2017


Jem and The Holograms #23… Meh

Written by Kelly Thompson Art by Meredith McClaren Colors by M. Victoria Robado Letters by Shawn Lee

With the Holograms being short a drummer before their big performance, Raya offers to fill in. This however results in Raya’s former band the Stingers to have some mixed feelings mostly negative and for the Misfits to resort to their explosive plan B to sabotage the night’s concert. The addition of Raya and the resolution of the Jem/Roit/Rio love triangle make for the conflict of the last issue to be resolved pretty quickly. However what is done in this issue to set up next story arc is very satisfying. I don’t want to go into too much detail , but there are some shocking reveals in this issue that will cause drama for the character in issues to come.

Space Battle Lunchtime #8… yeh

Written and Illustrated by Natalie Riess

This is it, the dramatic conclusion of the most cutest and delightful comic book miniseries that I’ve read in years, as Peony faces off with Melonhead the final cooking competition of Space Battle Lunchtime. The art of this issue in amazing with great character expressions and a beautiful scene that takes place in a zero gravity kitchen. Although I think this issue may be better read online in a panel by panel set up as tension builds up and things get hairy. Natalie Riess crafts a satisifying ending to the story with closure for the characters and an epilogue that left me happy. Everything thing was wrapped up nicely. I hope there will be a sequel.

No Mercy #13… yeh

Written by Alex De Campi Drawn by Carla Speed McNeil Colors by Jenn Manley Lee Consults by Felipe Sobreiro

Alex De Campi does what she does best with this issue which is writing shitty teenagers, doing shitty things, and then things turn shitty for them. Everyone’s favorite douche bag Travis is trying desperately to recover from the worse drug trip as his new friends have an alcohol and weed fueled party on the beach, but things turn bad for them as the sun rises. With these teens being as annoying as possible, Carla Speed McNeil draws them in a way that instantly makes you hate them. However close to the end of the issue events happen pretty quickly and causing me to feel worried that this series may be ending soon. I don’t want this, I want more shitty things happening to shitty teens.

Saga #42… Yeh

Art by Fiona Staples Written by Brian K Vaughan Letters by Fonografiks FAVE OF THE WEEK!!!

I don’t know what to say about this issue. There a lot to be said, but I don’t want to give any spoilers, everyone who reads this issue needs to go into it with a clean mind. Basically the shit hits the fan, Saga has had some tragic moments in the past and has left us hanging wondering what’s next, but this issue has the hardest hitting moment like a five hundred ton punch to your heart. Sure comics and TV can make the audience cry with the right amount of manipulation, but Brian K Vaughan writes in a way that make emotionally impactful moments seem organic and earned. He is the Mozart of conducting the orchestra of your emotions.

Wayward #20… yeh

Written by Jim Zub Line Art by Steven Cummings Colors by Tamra Bonvillain Color Assist by Brittany Peer Letters by Marshall Dillon

Yet another emotional conclusion as the fourth story arc of Wayward wraps up. This issue start off seemly like an action packed adventure as Ayane, Rori, and her dad battle Celtic Ghost Warriors, but things turn dire as they realize that this fight might be more than they can handle. This is definitely not a comic to read after Saga as tragedy hits again. Also like with Vaughan, Zub skills in writing makes the moment effective and not cheap. However the is not much to set up the next arc and ends leaving the reader asking, “Now what?”

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