Comic reviews 1/11/17


Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #20… meh

Written and Illustrated by David Lapham Produced and Edited by Maria Lapham

These Amy Racecar and Lil’ B issues are weird. They are not for first time readers. I don’t recommend reading these issues unless you fully understand overall tone of the series and character’s motivations, because what Amy Racecar and Lil’ B are self parodies. Lil’ B is a fantasy version of Beth as a six year old girl that is master criminal that kidnaps Nina who is the Cosmic Princess that cries gold. She then discovers that her real mother is Amy Racercar so she travels to Florida for a family which turns out to be a sci-fi convention. This isn’t an acid trip, but the actual plot. So if you haven’t read many issues of Stray Bullets this issue will lose you and seem like silly nonsense. To be honest most of these issues are silly nonsense. I feel like Amy Racecar has been overdone and has lost a lot of the panache of before. This issue does however redeems itself a little by providing a bit of commentary on the relationship between Beth and her mother and also with the family reunion in Florida it could be setting up the return of Virgina.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16… yeh

Written by Ryan North 15-year-old Doreen Sequence written by Will Murray Art by Erica Henderson Colors by Rico Renzi Letters by Travis Lanham FAVE OF THE WEEK!

With it being the 25th anniversary how does Dorreen Green celebrate? With an origin story of course. Okay that maybe a tired gimmick, but writer Ryan North does it in fresh and fun way by showing her growing up and discovering her powers. From acting up at a birthday party to meeting her best friend Monkey Joe. This issue also pays tribute to the original creators by featuring concept art by Steve Ditko and short story of Squirrel Girl teaming up with the Hulk to fight the Abomination by Will Murray. The Hulk story is great return for co-creator Murray as he tells a clever story that stays in tone with the rest of issue. If you are fan of Squirrel Girl or you’ve never read comic featuring her this is a comic that you must pick up. It shows her at her best having fun and beating up supervillians, an anniversary issue that lives up to promises.

Jughead #12… yeh

Written by Ryan North Art by Derek Charm Letters by Jack Morelli

What’s worse than losing your favorite video game? Losing to Reggie Mantle, then him proceeding to be sore winner and stealing Jughead’s crown and declaring himself king for a day. This issue is the perfect example why Reggie is my favorite character to love to hate as he exceeds a being the biggest jerk and treats everyone as dirt. Jughead does his best to keep himself together while dealing with Reggie’s humiliating demands. Dereck Charm’s art in this issue is fantastic in this issue as he draws delightful video game sequences of the characters racing go carts with clever references to Speed Racer and Mario Cart. There is also nice peak at Jughead’s social network pages.

Motor Crush #2… yeh

Created by Brenden Fletcher Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr Letters by Aditya Bidikar

After issue one I had a lot of questions, this issue did not answer any of them.  Instead it focused on a different important part of the story which is the relationship between Domino and Lola. The A Frame Cycle Bar owned by Lola is in danger of being shut down by Gangsters sent by Mink Masters. An issue two is more important then a first issue. It needs to further set up the story, keep the interests of reads, and bring in more readers. I feel that this issue barely made it. It does reintroduces the story and characters for new readers, but it doesn’t progresses the story much or pick up on the cliff hanger ending of the last issue. Babs Tarr’s art however shines. Her drawings of Bikes and ass kicking women are fantastic and makes this issue a worth while read.

Spawn #269… Meh

Written by Todd McFarlane & Tom Leveen Art by Szymon Kudranski Additional Inks by Todd McFarlane Colors by FCO Plascencia Letters by Tom Orzechowski

This issue continues from the events of the last issue as Al Simmons tries to patch up his relationship with his friend Earl and continues to fight a drug ring as new villain emerges in a classic Spawn like fashion. Honestly this issue doesn’t do much. There is nothing new here. It’s pretty much just continuing the story from the last issue. We only get a glimpse of the new villain and nothing changes in the plot. However the ending is a cliff hanger that hints a big development.

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