Comics reviews for 1/4/17


The Wicked + The Divine #25… Yeh

Written by Kieron Gillen Art by Jamie McKelvie Colors by Matthew Wilson Letters by Clayton Cowles Color Flatten by Dee Cunniffe

Woden is a douche, but he’s a character that I love to hate. However Persephone has had enough of his shit and finally gives him what he deserves by dragging him to hell and putting him under her thumb. Despite being appose to Woden, The Norns don’t exactly agree with Persephone’s actions for she sees Persephone as being corrupted by power. Character dynamics are the focus of this issue as Cassandra reminds Persephone of her human side and convinces her to show mercy on Woden. Minerva is also shown in a different light as she adopts a hard exterior in order to cover up her heart broken feelings for losing her parents. Baal and Persephone try to fill in as parents and protect Minerva, but their efforts are not enough as a new threat emerges. This issue hits every target with great art from McKelvie and Wilson and cutting dialogue from Gillen. This issue wraps up all of the aftermath of the last story arc and ends with a cliff hanger to keep you engaged for the next issue.

Hawkeye #2… meh

Written by Kelly Thompson Art by Leonardo Romero Colors by Jordie Bellaire Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino Designs by Manny Mederos

The new Hawkeye solo series has Kate Bishop establishing herself as a Private Detective. The last issue ended with her capturing the stalker of her first client a college student named Mikka. However she is not present to press charges and is suspiciously missing altogether. Stalker Larry tries his best to makes things better by helping Kate by pointing her in the direction of a self-help group called T.B.C. short for Take Back Control, but upon investigating the group things go wrong and Kate must run for her life. Thompson has good understanding of Kate’s character, however many of the other aspects of this issue are not as well handled. The side characters seem inconsistent and change motives quickly. In the middle of the issue the story takes a small detour that may be significant to plot later, but came off as irrelevant in this issue. There also seem to be a few moments where it feels like a page or a panel was removed, but this maybe a fault of the editor, it’s hard to say. So far this series is having a hard time finding it’s footing, but I’m sure that later issues will get better.

Jem and The Holograms… Yeh

Written by Kelly Thompson Art by Meredith McClaren Colors by M. Victoria Robado Letters by Shawn Lee

Despite not being able to deliver in Hawkeye, writer Kelly Thompson is on point with this month’s issue of Jem and The Holograms. This issue finds the band suffering from uncertainty as they hire Fox to fill in as their drummer and their lead singer Jerrica is in the mists of an identity crisis the night of a very important performance at  5×5 records’ masquerade ball. Where as the up and coming new band The Stingers couldn’t be doing better as their lead singer Riot is set to proclaim his love for Jem. The Misfits may not be invited to the same party as the other two bands, but they do have dubious plans to crash it. All these plots come together nicely with a shocking twist at the end. McClaren sense of fashion shines in this issue with fantastic outfits and beautiful costumes. Also her use of facial expressions make for great storytelling as the characters work out some emotions. This series continues to be delightful read and stunning to look at.

Saga #41… Yeh!

Art by Fiona Staples Written by Brian K. Vaughan Letters by Fonografiks FAVE OF THE WEEK

All of the events and reveals of the last few issues come together is this issue as new villain The March makes themselves known. Prince Robot IV has been traveling down a path of self abuse in the last few issue and he appears to have hit rock bottom as he threatens to commit suicide. The actions that he makes here will have consequences for issues to come and will be difficult for him to recover from. His state of mind however is not the only dark part of this story as Hazel’s narrative comments on the effect of violence on children. She has witness some horrible stuff in the past, but in this issue it becomes apparent that she has missed out on any chance of having a normal childhood. This issue does not have one dull panel, everything comes together for one of the most emotional tense issues of Saga ever.

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