Comics reviews 12-28-2016


Wayward #19… yeh

Written by Jim Zub Line Art by Steven Cummings Colors by Tamra Bonvillain assisted by Britany Peer Letters by Marshall Dillon FAVE OF THE WEEK!

A lot is going on right now in Wayward, but writer Jim Zub is able to juggle everything without it getting too complicated. This issue shifts between several subplots as the fourth story arc comes to ahead. Inaba must resort to transforming into her monster form to escape police custody with Nikaido. Meanwhile Shirai has a conversation with a hellish looking spirit of death named Gashadokuro. On top of all that Nurarihyon meets with the minister of defense to discus terms of their new alliance. However this issue starts with a flashback to Rori as a baby, but she does not appear in the present storyline. This seems like a mistake in story telling and would fit in better in a different issue, but is included in this issue by my guess to fill in extra pages. This is not really a complaint, it just feels awkward in the story pacing.

Monstress #9… yeh

Written by Marjorie Liu Illustrated by Sana Takeda Lettered by Rus Wooton

Sana Takeda’s artwork is showcased in this issue as she draws more monsters, furries, and human/animal hybrids than you can shake a stick at. Her art does a fine job in this issue in showing action and body language even on hideous monsters making for entertaining experience. However remember art is only half of the comic medium, as Marjorie Liu’s writing sets up a lot of the world and plot developments for the climax of this story arc. This series has had some intense moments before, but what is promised to come has me eager for the next issue.

Lumberjanes #33… meh

Written by Shannon Watters & Kate Leyh Illustrated by Carolyn Nowak Colors by Maarta Laiho Letters by Aubrey Aiese

The regular gang take the sidelines for this issue as Barney and Diane lead their friends on an adventure to find hidden treasure. Nothing develops for the grand scheme of thing, but instead further develops Barney and Diane’s character arcs. Diane is shown being turned from a villain to an allie, but the Lumberjanes still have good reason to distrust her. The other focus of the story is Barney as they adjust to the new camp and makes friends.This issue is necessary for establishing these character’s place for the upcoming story arc, but it ended up coming off as feeling like filler.

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