Comics reviews 12/21/16


Jem and The Misfits #1… Meh

Written by Kelly Thompson Art by Jenn St-Onge Colors by M. Victoria Robado Letters by Shawn Lee

First off I don’t understand why is this comic titled ‘Jem and the Misfits’? It should be Pizzazz and the Misfits. I guess it’s for brand recognition, but if you know who Jem is then you know who the Misfits are.  Anyways this a first issue of an ongoing spin off series and if you never read a Jem comic before or seen the cartoon don’t worry you don’t need to. This issue does a good job of introducing the characters, shows you how they relate to each other, and what they are all about. At the beginning of the issue is a band rider that gives you a little bio of the characters in fun creative way. The characters’ personalities are show nicely with an opening scene of them playing volleyball together. However this issue mainly focuses on the lead of the band Pizzazz as she is pulled aside by her manager Eric Raymond in what felt like a long dialogue scene where they discuss all of the problems that the band has been having. After some very large word balloons he then tells her the only way to save the band is by having them filmed to be on a reality show. This leads to flash back montage of Pizzazz meeting each of the members of the Misfits for the first time. These scenes do a good job of showcasing her superpower of talking. She is able to use each of the members interests to convince them to join the band. Yes this a comic that consists of mostly just talking, but the art still stands out. Jenn St-Onge’s art very nicely shows body language and I’m sure if you took out all of the dialogue the reader will still be able to tell what the characters’ personalities are and what emotions they are having. Jenn also has a great fashion sense and dresses the characters in great outfits. Altogether this is a decent first issue.

Usagi Yojimbo #160… Yeh

Created, Written, and Illustrated by Stan Sakai MY FAVE OF THE WEEK

I have never read an Usagi Yojimbo comic before. This was my introduction to the character and his whole world. The selling point for this issue to me was that it was part 1 of 1 story as advertised on the cover. This issue was a murder mystery as Usagi helps Inspector Ishida figure out who killed a Shogun Offical by feeding him some poison blow fish. Usagi uses his deductive reasoning to find who prepared the deadly seafood. Stan Sakai’s cartoony art made for a great story with some nice twists. Even though all of characters where cartoon animals the story was mostly serious with a rather dark ending. However this gave tone whiplash as I turned the page to find a cute bonus comic that Stan Sakai wrote and drew with his wife Julie Fujii Sakai. Dispite being late in the series this issue was very new readers friendly and made me fan wanting more.

Silver Surfer #8… Eh

Written by Dan Slott & Michael Allred Art by Michael Allred Colors by Laura Allred Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

With it being a light week for me with none of the series that I follow coming out I decided to take a chance on a couple of comics that I don’t normally read. I have however read one of Slott and Allred’s Silver Surfer comics before and thought that it was okay. I like Slott’s work on Spider-Man and Allred’s Madman comics. However this issue didn’t work for me. This like the previous comic was also a one and done story as Silver Surfer and his lady friend Dawn Greenwood are swallowed up by giant space whale. They soon after encounter large antibodies and viruses. In order to hold off little creatures Dawn tells them a story about a little friend that they used to have, which was basically her saying ‘we are no threat to you little creatures, because some of our best friends are little creatures’. This issue was not some of Allred’s best work as the character’s expressions come off flat, the aliens looked unimaginative, and there where a lot two page spreads for seemly no reason. This issue held very little entertainment and felt rather disposable in story telling. I have heard some good things about this series and I’m sure that there have been some real good issues, but unfortunately was not one of them.

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