Weekly Comics Review 12-14-16


Spawn #268… Meh

Written and Additional Inking by Todd McFarlane Art by Szymon Kudranski Additional Plot by Tom Leven Coloring by FCO Plascenscia Lettering by Tom Orzechowski

With a shit ton of heavy artillery Spawn continues his one man war on drugs in New York. After last issue I was uneasy about this new story line, this issue did not nothing to settle me. There is very little plot development, mainly just a lot of action. If you like gory dismemberment and bullets flying then this is the comic for you. The new art by Szymon is steller. He shows that he can compete with the likes of Greg Capullo.

No Mercy #12… Yeh

Written by Alex De Campi Drawn by Carla Speed McNeil Colors by Jenn Manley Lee Consulted with Felipe Sobreiro FAVE OF THE WEEK!

The spotlight is on Tiffani for most of this issue as she gets caught up in a black market arms exchange. She finally steps up and shows courage which is an improvement over her most often timid  state. This issue however isn’t a break from the emotional roller coast that it is as there are some sad moments. This comic continues to be one of my favorite on going series.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #15… meh

Written by Ryan North Art by Erica Henderson Dream art by Zac Gorman Colors by Rico Renzi Letters by Travis Lanham

This issue is told completely from the point of view of Nancy’s cat Mew, but this is no Piazza Dog. Comics with animal POVs aren’t easy to do right. Much like with silent issues they can either by excel or fall flat. Unfortunately in this case it was the later as this issue does not give any new perspective of the characters or anything inventive to story telling. I expected more from team Squirrel Girl. Also this issue was abstain of Ryan North’s signature annotations. However the dream sequences by Zac Gorman where a delight to read.

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #4… yeh

Written by Brenden Fletcher Art by Jon Lam Letters by Steve Wands

A great one and done story of the gang investigating the malevolent  Carnival Midnight. The whole evil carnival bit can be corny at times, but Brenden Fletcher is able to pull of a fun to read supernatural story. Jom Lam’s art helps set the tone for some creppy and emotional issue making this a worth while read.

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