Big Bang, Made (full album)… Meh


Made is the latest album by the K-Pop boy band Big Bang. Marking the groups land mark tenth year together they released a full album on December 12th. It’s been eight years since their last full album. During that time the group’s members, G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri have each had successful launched solo careers, but over the last three years they came together to record some of their best songs yet. The majority of the songs where released as four singles between the months of May and August of 2015 kicking of their world tour. When the album was released last Monday the only new songs that where included where “FXXK IT”, “Last Dance”, and “Girlfriend”.


FXXK IT… yeh

From the song’s title and the teaser I expected this song to be playing up of the members’ bad boy persona’s like in Zutter, but I was wrong. This song is more of a party track about falling in love with a girl at a club. It’s great dance track with some lustful lyrics peppered in. It’s a great song for some partying with you girlfriend or boyfriend. Listening to the song it sounds like they are singing “And I want to get down”, but what they are really saying is “Era Moreugetda” which is the song’s untranslated title. The music video however is not so great. It shows the guy having a fun time together dancing around town and hanging out in an apartment, but their outfits are ridiculous with bright colors and contrasting designs. Some one needs to call the fashion police on them. I wish Joan Rivers was still alive to criticize their clothes.


Last Dance… Yeh!

Normally I don’t like slow K-Pop songs, but this one is very nice. This song has a lot of sentimental metaphors for being sad and lonely. It feels like it could be a metaphor the group reuniting for one last time to recapture the good times that they used to have together. The teaser image plays to this with them all walking away together, but with enough space from each other to make them seem alone. The music video shows they all separate in gritty and worn down locations with drab colors creating a secluded and melancholy atmosphere.

Girlfriend… eh

This song must be a b-side or something, because it did not get the release that the other songs received. Sounding like a generic boy band song, it is the weakest of all the songs and lacks any Big Bang flare. The lyrics are the basic romantic imagery that is found in hundreds of other pop song and offers nothing original.

The rest of the singles rated on scale of Yeh! to eh:

Let’s Not Fall In Love… Meh

Loser… Yeh!

Bae Bae… Meh

Bang Bang Bang… yeh

Sober… YEH! My fave of the album

If You… meh

Zutter… yeh

We Like To Party… Eh

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