Weekly comics review 12-7-16


Space Battle Lunchtime #7…yeh – Written and Drawn by Natalie Riess

Neptunia comes to rescue Peony from getting killed by Lil’ Magicorn in Cannibal Coliseum. A big fight occurs and they try to get away on  a motorcycle making for some great chase action. This issue highlights why I love this series with it’s cutesy art, fun action, and Peotunia ship. With one issue left to go in the originally solicited eight issue miniseries I am excited to see how this comic ends and if there will be more.

Motor Crush #1… Yeh!Created by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr/ Lettered by Aditya Bidikar FAV OF THE WEEK!!!

Domino Swift is a motorcycle racer that races in the WGP during the day, but at night she races illegally for a fuel booster called Crush. When her stash of crush is stolen she must go to extreme lengths to obtain more. With the some team that worked on Batgirl of Burnside I expected a lot and they didn’t disappoint. As a first issue there was a lot to set up, but the team did a great job of telling the story with out it becoming exposition heavy. The world is quickly flushed out and the characters are introduced in nice natural way that has me want to continue following this series.

Reggie And Me #1… meh – Story by Tom DeFalco/ Art by Sandy Jarrell/ Coloring by Kelly Fitzpatrick/ Lettering by Jack Morelli

This is pretty much the opposite of Motor Crush as a first issue. It is exposition heavy and nothing more than an introduction of Reggie Mantle. This comic takes twenty pages to tell what you what could be told to you in one sentence which is that Reggie is D-bag.

The Wicked + The Divine #24… Meh –  Written by Kieron Gillen/ Art by Jamie McKelvie/ Coloring by Matthew Wilson/ Lettering by Clayton Cowles

After the big events of the last story arc this issue set-up whats coming next… whatever that may be. This issue focuses on Persephone and how she fits into this new world, but it feels like the story is dawdling until the next arc.

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