I.D. … Meh

I.D. written and drawn by Emma Rios It's not offend that you find a sci-fi story that doesn't rely on other genres to keep the reader's interest. Most of the time writer's use sci-fi as a sub-genre for action, horror, or romance. It can be used as back drop to a story where the main driving force is action. For example a action story about robots that gain self conscious and revolt, or an explanation for a monster to exist. Rarely does a writer tell a captivating story using pure science fiction alone. Sci-fi is supposed to be about the possibilities of advancement in technology or an anomaly in nature. Emma Rios' I.D. does this well with a story of three strangers that consider undergoing body transplants to enhance their lives. Over the course of a couple of days the character discuss the consequences of change their identities may have on their lives. I.D. goes deep into the science of body swapping and asks the question what truly makes up the identity of a person. Using great writing and beautiful art Emma explorers the possibilities of medical advancement and how it may effect people's lives.

Judgement Skull Ch.1

“Come on kid, you’ll have so much fun that you’ll never---“before he could finish his sentence his chest exploded in a spray of blood and guts as several bullets struck him. Everyone on the streets ran off and hid in the nearest buildings. Standing still not moving, Billy did not know what to do as he looked down at the ground where the bloody body of the drug dealer laid. This was enough to make him finally scream louder than ever before. “Settle down kid, you’re safe now.” Slowly turning around, Billy saw a large man behind him holding two smoking pistols. He had large bulging muscles, black slick back hair, and a black shirt with skull on it. “You better run home little boy, before things get messy. For I’m about to deal a whole mess of Punishment on these scum covered streets!”